Last update: 11 June 2011

Meta Data Extractor in C#

What is it ?

MetaDataExtractor is a program/library that let you extract the metadata from your pictures. Your JPG files contain a lot of interesting information (meta data) like:
An Example of how to use the librairy is available in the com.Run.cs class. This code is inside the source release.
An other example is also available, since version 2.3.0c, as com.SimpleRun.cs.

If you need a Java librairy that does the same, you can have a look at those projects:

Changes in 2.4.0d (17 June 2011):
Changes in 2.4.0c (14 January 2011):
Changes in 2.4.0b (18 April 2009):
Changes in 2.4.0a (30 Juin 2008):
Changes in 2.4.0 (22 Mai 2008):
Changes in 2.3.0g (18 Mai 2006):
Changes in 2.3.0f (17 April 2006):
Changes in 2.3.0e (06 April 2006):
Changes in 2.3.0d (31 March 2006):
Changes in 2.3.0c (30 March 2006):
Changes in 2.3.0b (19 March 2006):
Changes in 2.3.0a (12 March 2006):
Changes in 2.3.0 (05 March 2006):
Changes in 2.2.2d (second edition):
Changes in 2.2.2c :
Changes in 2.2.2b :

You can find more information on this site

There is only the C# version on my site, the version is almost the same as the Java one made by Drew Noakes
If you are interested in a C++ version one is available on the Andreas Huggel web site
And of course, do not miss the ExifTool by Phil Harvey (can read and write a lot of tags).

The C# version is like the Java one, means free to use and change. Do not forget version 2.3.x are for .NET 2.0 minimum. Old version (for Visual studion 2003 and less but using .NET 2.0) Old version (for .NET 1.0 and 1.1)